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Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump

The TRIDO Mini-Mizer Solar Powered Actuator is field-proven to accurately deliver desired chemical amounts year-round with zero venting. Ultra low power usage combined with ultra high torque enable the unit to pump against higher than normal pressures. Maintenance-free motor technology, combined with VFD controller, delivers power & efficiency with little or no wear. TRIDO customizable fluid head carrier system can carry from 1 to 8 heads and is built using components to enable almost any required configuration. The TRIDO system can be utilized with almost any fluid head technology available on the market today.

Trido Industries is focused on zero vent technologies, supporting industries’ effort to meet green house gas goals using renewable resource technologies.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maintenance free, 95% efficient 3-phase 24V brushless permanent magnet solar motor rated CSA Class 1 Div. 1.
  • Controller, rated Class 1, Div 2 performs as a VFD and samples the motors position at 4000x per second to deliver the most efficient energy use possible.
  • Low power consumption on start-up (approximately 400 mA) mitigates premature battery failure and provides longest autonomy available.
  • Pinpoint injection control from 0.5L to 6 barrels per day.
  • Operates against extremely high pressures (10,000 psi+) utilizing extremely high torque.
  • Able to inject different volumes of different chemicals using 1 to 8 heads on a single system.
  • Adaptable to fit the most common fluid heads on the market (ie, Texsteam 5100 series).
  • Mini-Mizer programmable VFD controller operates in several modes including variable, temperature, pressure and SCADA via MODBUS.
  • Efficient motor allows the system to operate on fewer batteries and solar panels reducing the systems footprint.

Actuator Specifications

  • Motor was developed for the NASA Space Elevator Competition.
  • High torque, very efficient Uses 25% of the power of competitive motors.
  • Requires much smaller solar panels and batteries.
  • Trido actuator may be powered from an existing solar source.
  • CSA Certified for Hazardous Locations
  • Class 1 Groups C & D

Pump Rates

  • Continuous operations 7.5 to 32.5 strokes per minute.
  • Below 7.5 strokes the pump cycles on and off.

Pressure Range

  • 3/16” Plunger to 2500 PSI.
  • 1/4” Plunger to 2000 PSI.
  • 3/8” Plunger to 1400 PSI.
  • 1/2” Plunger to 700 PSI.

Modes of Operation

  • Manual: Pump rate set by operator at controller.
  • Automated: Pump rate adjusted to sensed conditions.
  • Remote: through Modbus connection.
  • CSA Certified for Hazardous Locations.
  • Class 1 Groups C & D.

Solar Powered Instrument Air Compressor

The TRIDO Solar Powered Instrument Air Compressor is a realistic solution to create emissions free well site instrument air. This simple design combines cutting-edge motor technology with the TRIDO VFD Controller to enable successful solar-power for an entire well site in the harshest of conditions. Where other systems freeze up, and the use of bottled gas is inefficient, the TRIDO compressor stands alone in its capacity to provide reliable instrument air.

Features & Benefits:

  • Replaces fuel gas, propane or bottle gas driven instruments.
  • Delivers air at more than 85% efficiency with a simple and efficient compressor design.
  • Low RPM.
  • Utilizes the TRIDO proprietary low wear and long life, Class 1, Div 1 motor.
  • The design of TRIDO compressors simplifies maintenance.
  • The oil-less compressor design provides contaminate & oil-free air supply.
  • Produces 400scf per day at 30 psi.
  • Designed specifically to provide instrument air for gas and oil processing equipment.
  • Stop problems with wet gas or propane vaporization issues.
  • Designed around Trido’s proven actuator motor and controller.
  • Proven check valve and seals.
  • Simple design + slow speed = long service.
  • The compressor is rated Hazardous Locations Class 1, Groups C & D– located in a heated building.
  • The controller is rated Class 1, Div 2 and usually is located in a control / battery box.
  • The air supply line from the compressor replaces gas line feed to the instrument air system.
  • TRIDO Industries controllers support automated operation.
  • Automated operations can result in chemical savings as high as 35%.
  • The amount of chemical treatment can be adjusted based on information from up to 2 sensors.
  • The controller can be programmed to start and increase pump rates as the dropping temperature reaches predetermined set points.
  • Chemical added can be matched to production rates.
  • The pump rate can be monitored and controlled remotely using SCADA with Modbus connections.

Combo Unit

TRIDO Industries offers a combination system that combines chemical injection and compressed air to allow your well site to go completely emissions free. The legendary TRIDO Motor and VFD controlled drive is the work horse behind this system.
This system is perfect for those marginal wells, that need a system to make them compliant in the days ahead that we all know is coming. This combo system is able to efficiently run your well site as well as paying for itself as each side of the TRIDO system is earning carbon credits on each and every stroke.
The Combo System currently offered in many different configurations. There are 2 different head sizes for the compressor side and up to 4 heads can be mounted on the chemical injection side. So we can really customize your situation and your efficiencies.

Custom Skid Units

TRIDO Industries has be designing and manufacturing custom skids for our clients for many years’ now.  We use the best quality materials and machines to produce a high quality long lasting system. Our shop is situated next to our machining and welding facilities for instant access to all aspects of our build process.

Our systems are finished to the edge of the skid or building to produce a complete turnkey system. All that needs to be done after delivery to put our system into service is hit enter. Skids normally come complete with controls, tanks (any size, any material) batteries, solar panels and a panel stand system.

Because of TRIDO’s product versatility, you can really customize your skid to meet almost any need for pressure and volume deliverability. We can mount up to 8 heads on each individual actuator, so we routinely are asked to build multi actuator pumping stations, built to service multi well pad situations.

TRIDO Industries would be happy to build a custom skid to meet your specific needs that will last the life of the well.

Variable Frequency Drive Controller

The TRIDO VFD Controller is a patented, custom-built controller. The TRIDO Mini-Mizer VFD controller is essentially the high-tech center for all the TRIDO product offerings.

Completely programmable and upgradeable, this unique controller is easily adjustable with the ever-changing advancements in technology.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Operates in several modes to empower performance, variable, temperature, pressure and SCADA via Modbus protocol.
  • Programmable and upgradeable.
  • Rated Class 1, Div 2.
  • Compact design to mount in existing panels or multiple mounts in a single panel.
  • Additional ports make inputs customizable.

Glycol Pump

The TRIDO Heat Exchange Unit, or heat trace system, is designed to replace conventional diaphragm style pumping units that circulate glycol around the well site. This high capacity pump is tried and tested in the field. When used with the cutting-edge TRIDO motor, the result is an efficient and virtually maintenance-free, high capacity pump.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates venting common with diaphragm pumps, and allows recapture of gas revenue.
  • Replaces a high-maintenance system with a low maintenance system.
  • Can be set up in parallel to increase volumes to meet any need.
  • Extremely compact system for mobile or temporary placement.
  • Complete with innovative TRIDO motor technology.


TRIDO offers a wide variety of fully customizable accessories allowing you to set up your TRIDO system in the exact configuration you require. Extremely well-built and durable, the TRIDO pump and compressor accessories compliment the cutting-edge TRIDO motor and controller technology.

Features & Benefits:

  • Eliminates venting common with diaphragm pumps, and allows recapture of gas revenue.
  • Completely customizable to work with your exact system and specific location.
  • All TRIDO components are interchangeable.
  • TRIDO accessories enable a “made-to-order” solution for each and every application.
  • Simple and well thought-out to be the most adaptable and serviceable accessories – built with operations staff in mind.

Dual Head

Quad Head

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